Fresha Flavour

For a true connoisseur it can be drunk ‘on the rocks’

However, if you were to mix it then Fresha should be served with good neutral tonics or lemonade. Personal favourites include; Fever Tree Elderflower, Mediterranean & Aromatic flavoured tonic.  Cocktail aficionados can use it as a replacement in any gin-based cocktail such as a Negroni, Tom Collins, Summer Cup, Cosmopolitan or Martini for a distinct fruity undertone or use it as an addition to sparkling wine for an exquisite Kir Royale or Bellini equivalent.

Fresha not only hits the mark during the summer months but can also be enjoyed throughout the whole year. Enjoy garnished with cranberries, clementine’s & cinnamon sticks in your G&T during the festive period or with strawberries & dark chocolate shards for a romantic drink.

Fresha is a versatile & rambunctious gin, there to be experienced. Let your imagination take you on a journey of discovery.

Fresha Strawberry Gin at the Plough