Fresha Gin - Pink Lady Cocktail

When the weekend comes around there is nothing better than treating yourself to something a little bit different.. We absolutely love having the opportunity to try new drinks with Fresha, and this is something a little bit special! Fresha is not as sweet as you would expect from a normal Strawberry Gin, so adding Grenadine gives those of us with a sweet tooth something to enjoy!

Fresha Gin Pink Lady
50ml Fresha Gin
4 tsp of Grenadine
1 Egg White
Crushed Ice
Lemon Zest / Strawberries

Place your cocktail glasses in the fridge. Add Fresha & Grenadine to a cocktail shaker with the ice. Give it a good shake. Add the egg white to the mix and shake again until frothy and then pour into chilled glasses and garnish with lemon & strawberries 🍓

Let us know what you think #freshapinklady


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